Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bozeman, MT Sports Medicine Specialist Reveals the 3 BIGGEST Kinesio Taping Mistakes

Keeping your body in peak performance is vital whether you're an athlete or are involved with work that requires physical labor. Kinesio Tape is a performance taping method that can help heal your muscles, tendons and joints so you can work and play to the best of your ability, but there are some things you should know before applying Kinesio Tape ...
1) Do not apply too much tension!
          Many people have the misconception that applying more tension when putting on Kinesiology Tape will make it work better, when in reality the amount of tension applied should be specified to the condition you are treating. Too much stretch in the tape can cause blistering of the skin. In order to find the best way to apply Kinesiology tape for your specific needs, it would be best to see someone who has been trained and certified in proper taping methods.
2) Not all kinesiology tape is the same
          There are many different brands of Kinesiology tape so do your research before buying the first one you see! Different tapes can have many different variables. The material, adhesive and weaving of the tape can all vary from brand to brand. In order to make sure you get the best and most effective tape, do your homework and ask a certified kinesio taping professional (CKTP , like Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm at Pro Chiropractic in Belgrade, MT, what he would recommend!
3) Fashion, not function!
          Many people have the misconception that the different colors of kinesio tape do differentRock_Tape_Colors.pngthings, when in reality they're different colors simply to fit your style! Black may be better for outdoor activity because it absorbs more uv rays, thus helping the heat activated adhesive, but that is the only variable. The original colors were black, beige, pink and blue but have expanded to almost anything imaginable! So get creative and fun with your choice in Kinesiology Tape.
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